Tell the world. The whole world.

Declare your love in the most romantic way imaginable: Write it in the stars!

We take your love message into space, where it will pass over every part of the world for years to come. After 10 years, the satellite will enter the atmosphere and your message will turn into a beautiful shooting star.

On top of this, you get a personalized and specially-designed card to print yourself and give to your loved one. A truly unique gift, for a one-of-a-kind person!

The price of all this?
Only $1 / character (or about €0.88 / character)

What you get

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The messages have been launched!

From Prawn to Giraffe

BFF ❤️

From Margot - jouw topwijf! to Nicholas - mijn held!

For ∞^∞ yours

From je dochter MARIE to MA

14/2/2015 - 10u - je verlaat deze wereld ik blijf van je houden

From ******** to ******

Je t'aime !

From **** to *******

❤️ Theresa, I Love You all the stars in the sky ❤️

From ***** to ****

For the world you are somebody. For somebody you are the world!

From ****** to *****

❤️21/05/'16 - forever us❤️

From Little d to Big D


From Galbraith Saunders to Tiana Gallant


From Kenneth to Alana

I don't want to dance like a fool with anyone else :)

From Amy to Derek

Hi Turtle

From ******* to ******

Will you be my valentine?

From schoonheidje to lieverdje

love you ! X

From K神 to 氓神

想好好得和你永远在一起 小kakat也要好好的

From ***** to ******

Love you! #meligisoke

From Lu to Belle

I think I'm fallingforyou

From ******* * **** * to **** * **** * ****


From Griet to Nikitas

To the moon and back X

From Sophie to Pieter


From ****** to *****

Our love is written in the stars!

From ****** to *****

Leaf means Love

From GeGe to Elhonyo

Be bove bou

From Shiliang Tian to Xuedan Zhang

讓我帶著你的愛穿越這無邊星際 IK HOU VAN JOU ❤

From S to M & N & S

U R my Stars

From Blair to Kirsty

You make each day brighter

From Potige to Giraf

Love you Princess! ❤

From Snoesje to Luc

Je t'aime❤️

From Griet to Jan

It only grows stronger

From Bert Meeus to Evy Van ROy

Liefste You light up my life x x x

From Gunter to Mich

Mieke, Ik hou zielsveel van je Zonder streepkes!

From ****** ***** to ********* *****

You make my heart Smile.

From ***** to ********


From Birdie to Limpet

Ur my sun moon&stars

From ********* to *********


From Simon to Stéphanie

Krikri, je bent mijn lievelingsster!

From Rachel Du to Xing

I love U

From Adharna to Sandhya

iLu CANDy,i'l Vt u 4evr

From Amy to Jason

4ever&always & then some

From *** to ******

Our love is written in the stars !

From Andy to Kirby

I❤️you more than are⭐️in the sky!

From ******* to *** *****

Waiting for u

From Yunting to Mr. Right

Waiting for u ❤ Forever

From Rachel to Mark

Always yours X

From Paul to Natasha my love

I love you more than there are STARS in the sky !

From ***** ** to ******* *****


From ******* ****** to **** ****


From ***** to ******

Real love!

From Glenn Moons to Zerlina Van Belle

Bolleke, Ik hou van jou!

From ** ********* ******** to **** ******* ****** ***


From Nele Van den Cruyce to Christophe Goelen

Ik hou van jou helemaal tot aan de maan...en terug!



From ********* to ****

Poes <3 Teddy

From Jan to Eline

I ♥ U

From Janne to Thomas

<3 voor ezeltje

From *** ******* to *****

Love you so much

From Devin to Ellen

Ik hou van je, schattie Happily ever after

From Steven to Rebecca

4Ever us!

From *** ***** to ***** *********

God zegen en bewaar ons Nadia! <3

From ****** ******** to *** ******

Luv u to the moon & back

From Holly to Adam

I love you

From ****** ******** to **** *****

Luv u!

From Gator to Meagan


From sampath to saki

♥ U babe

From *** ***** to **********

Hviezda medzi hviezdami ♥

From Yon-Ko Correwyn to Carry De Vooght

schat ik hou van je voor eeuwig en altijd :)

From Christ& Chantal Boucké-Bossuyt to Chantal & Christ & ons Justien

Voor altijd Samen x

From **** *** ** **** to **** *******

Ik Hou Van Jou Tot Aan De Sterren En Terug

From ***** to *****

Our ∞ ♥ written in the stars!

From Courteney to Steven

I love you.

From **** to ****


From Princey to My Maddie


From ******** to ******

Te quiero con locura

From Michaël to Elien

You're my ∞

From Karen to Adam

I ❤ U 'round the world & back!

From Luke to Vanessa

I Love you, Always

From ******* to *** ***

Happy B all the stars who love you

From ******* ********** ** ** *** to **** *** ***** ***


From ******* ****** ** ****** ****** to ********** *****

Wil je met me trouwen? Liefs O & A

From Tim to Christine

Actually, you mean a lot more to me than just the world!

From Matteo to Isabelle

My only wish is you

From ****** to ********

Jij bent mijn sterretje!

From **** ***** to ***** ** *****

Ik zie je buitenaards graag.

From Julie Vanderplas to Nicolaas Mindreau

I love you more <3

From Nick to Vicky


From Sanne to Ron

Altijd samen

From Matthias to Elodie

The Love In Our Stars 14/07/11

From ******** to ********

Too my shining star. Forever love! ..x..

From ****** to *****

Love u to the moon & back!

From Lee to Laura

I'd be lost in space without you xxx

From ****** to ******

U'll always remain in me forever Love u

From WhiteMinder to REedaxe Ammara

Jani You are mine Always

From Philippe Daems to Emmanuelle Gibault-Nowak

To the most wonderful woman I ever met. May we stay together forever. Love you.

From ******** ************** to ****** ** *****

We are infinite

From Tasha to Tonya

I love you to the moon and back x

From je liefste popje DZ. to men allerliefste Beste Liefie

Lieverd♡Ik hou ontzettend veel van Jouw!! Xxx...

From Ann to Thierry

Het staat in de sterren geschreven Ik hou van jouw voor altijd!

From ***** to ******

my love

From Mama to Mijn liefste Elise


From Lene to Wim


From Patrick to Patricia

Ik hou van jou x

From ** to ******

I love u to the stars and back

From ileen to bram

Our love is in the air!

From ******* to *******

I Love you! xxx

From ***** to *****

ILU4ever, P. is our goal! xxx

From Snoopy to Muizeke

Love You Forever

From Soohie, to Joohie, mollie, mooitje

<3 u 2 the moon & back

From V. Erika to N. Jacob

I love you to the moon &back

From Ann-Sofie to Maarten-Jan

Come what may I will love you Until my dying day

From ******** to *****

Red ik ga je girn zien untill im dead!!!

From ***** to *****


From Steven to Yentel

You are my star 4 ever!

From Ruben to Helentijntje

You're a dream come true, this is my 'wish upon a star' for you xx

From Katy to Rob


From Jamie to annie


From **** to ****

Love you forever

From ***** ****** ******* to **** ****** *****

Always U

From Debra to Paul

You are my world. It's written in the stars.

From jemma to matt


From Principito to Pequeño Zorro

Je pour ∞!

From ******** ******** to ****** *****

You are my greatest love forever <3

From Katia to Olivier

I love you, poepie x

From Matthias to Héloïse

<3 u 4evr!you're the best!X

From ******** to ********

I Love YOU ! XO

From *** ***** to ********

Ik zin a geere!

From brother to sister

Our brother- & loveship are tattoed in my mind and life, forever

From Peter to Monja

<3 u 4ever! xxx

From Andy to Karolien

Ik hou van je, voor altijd

From Sarah to Jack

Ik <3 van jou S to J

From ****** to ******

Ik zie jou guygantisch graag. xxx

From Arlette to mijn lieve Luc (zaliger)

Ik zie jou nog altijd graag.

From caro to paulo

I love you

From ******* to ******

You're the star in my life!

From ****** **** to *** ****

You make my world go round

From L1 to Didi

You're my lucky star! TC4ever!

From *** to *****

Kevin + Amy 4-ever in space!

From ******** to ****

To my shining star.

From Matthias to Frida

I love you 4-ever my princess

From **** to *****

Tot @ de maan en terug

From ***** to ****


From ****** ********* to ****** ** ********


From **** to *****

Love of my life

From ********** to *******

zie u graag schattie

From ** **** to ******* *****

De sterren zullen weten hoeveel ik van je hou!

From Eloy to Audrey


From SnowLee to MichBowie


From ***** to *********


From **** to ****

just by writing to me you make me smile, you make me shine. and I want to thank you for that !

From An to Karen

Omdat wij het beste zijn dat elkaar is overkomen!

From Tjorven, Maarten en Jeroen to Margot

Stiekem veel liefs

From Sam Cobbaert to Gertie Hermie

You and me 4-ever and a day you are my universe

From **** to ****

B <3 L

From *** to ***


From ***** to *******

Love you x

From ****** to ***

Ik hou van je tot aan de maan en terug!

From Kristof to Liesa

K❤L 1/1/13

From Matthias to Elke

<3 X

From ** ***** ************ to **** ******** ******* *******

Ik hou van je tot aan de maan EN TERUG

From ******* to *****

I love you

From Electrabel to her customers

We light up the stars for you

From Tjorven to Sofietje

For your smile, sweet goodbye waves, flapping hands when making a point, worldclass hugs and so much more. Loving you is easy!

From Maarten to Kathleen

Ik hou van jou, helemaal tot aan de maan. is a part of is the initiative of three PhD researchers in engineering of the University of Leuven (Belgium) who want to fund their space research by launching the first billboard into space on board of a new type of satellite called CubeSat. Companies and people from all over the world can launch their logo or personal message into space on board of that billboard and have it orbit Earth for years to come. And adds a romantic flavor!

From left to right: Maarten, Tjorven and Jeroen

On Tuesday the 18th of April 2017, the United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket launched the Orbital ATK Cygnus cargo ship on the OA-7 mission to the International Space Station, including your Valentine messages!

A big thank you to all our sponsors, we could not have done this without you!

All information, press releases and images can be found on our press page.

You can send us an e-mail at

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